Re-launch of the blog ;)

Hey ya all, time for a relaunch of my blog!

Now I am 100% GNU/Linux on my system’s here at home (at least on the live boxes) I have decided to get the blog rolling again!

All my windows machines are now VM’s and are used for learning and development work for my job, its nice using VMs for testing as I can snapshot them break them, and restore them :)

I have chosen to use vmware to do my virtual hosting on as its the system I use at work and I am comfortable with it, the only downside to this is that I have to use a virtual workstation to access the console of the esxi server. I have read that vmware are bring a flash based admin center out for ESXi and that will make my life a lot easier (yes I know flash… but its better than the C# version at the mo)

You can probably guess what my distro of choice is… Gentoo!  Yes the laptop is a bit slow at compiling but it gets there in the end.

I am still working through learning how to create android apps, and pretty much having to learn how to program in java and its proving a challenging experience but I am enjoying it as learning how to program is something I have always wanted to do.

I will try to keep the blog updated from time to time, I am aiming on a post a weekish ;)

For the interested people here are my details of my boxes :-

  • Name : dreadnaught
  • OS : Gentoo 64bit (Gnome DE)
  • Role : Main workstation, with vmwork workstation for testing
  • VMs Hosted : Windows 7 test workstation , 2008 R2 DC2 , XP test workstation, Windows 7 main workstation
  • Spec : 16GB Ram, i7-2600K , 2 x 120gb SSD’s (/ and /home as a raid 0), 4 x 1.5TB drives raid 10 for storage / VMs


  • Name : limbo
  • OS : Gentoo 64bit
  • Role : File Server (NFS+Samba) , DHCP server, TFTP server , webhost
  • VMs Hosted : None
  • Spec : HP Microserver with 8GB ram, Athlon II Neo N36L, 1 x 1TB drive (os) 4 x 2TB drives (Storage, Raid 5)


  • Name : titan
  • OS : Gentoo Hardened 64bit
  • Role : Web Hsting Server sites (hosted with oneandone), Quassel
  • VMs Hosted : None
  • Spec : 2GB Ram, Opteron 1216HE, 250GB mirrored drives


  • Name : dantless
  • OS : Gentoo 64bit (Gnome DE)
  • Role : Laptop
  • VMs Hosted : None
  • Spec : 3GB Ram, Intel T2330, 500GB SSD Hybrid drive


  • Name : valiant
  • OS : ESXi
  • Role : ESXi VM host server
  • VMs Hosted : 2008 R2 DC1+WDS , Exchange Server, SCCM Server
  • Spec : 8GB Ram, Intel Xeon, 4 x 1TB drives for vms
    • aaron
    • Sep 15th. 2012 2:19pm

    Hey matey, I’m going the same way but cant decide on a desktop virtualisation software Ive alway used VMware workstation on windows but virtualbox seems good for Linux as it supports direct io eg iommu or vt-d so I could passthrough pcie cards aswell as USB, what are you using?


    • Brett
    • Sep 15th. 2012 2:36pm

    I decided to use VMware workstation as its what I am most comfortable with and my vmserver is esxi so in a pinch I could move machines to / from it.
    I have not tried to pass pcie cards through but I know it does USB so it covers my needs…..
    If you decide on Gentoo and need a hand or any questions just holler :)

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